Multi Skill Technician Electrical

Outline of the electricity sector


Where would we be without electricians? They keep us safe and hassle free in our daily lives connecting all equipment be it lighting and home appliances, communication devices or simple wiring at our home and work.

Of course, they also provide us with properly wired housing and office blocks too, but there’s so much more to it than that, as you may already be aware!

Every building you could possibly imagine uses electricity: houses, museums, stadiums, office buildings, petrol stations, restaurants, post-offices, coffee shops, schools, hospitals, hotels and so much more. We could obviously go on forever with this one but you get the idea! Builders build them, while electricians give them light and power.

Most electricians work in the construction industry and will work alongside builders to ensure that the structure they’re working is perfectly safe and in full working order. Builders provide electricians with blueprints, which indicate where the wires and power sockets need to go.

Electricians not only install electronics, but also repair and maintain the electrical connections in them. If you have a problem with some wiring in your home, you need to call out an electrician to come over and sort it out. Sometimes electricians will even be asked to rewire entire buildings.

As an electrician, you might also be responsible for installing electrical equipment and machinery in factories and other industrial settings. When you are properly trained and  if you know the technical stuff, you deserve a decent and fulfilling career option and wonderful income opportunity.