Field Engineer RACW

Career Overview

Air conditioning is fast becoming an essential upgrade for homes and offices across regions. The advent of new technologies excites the users to install and upgrade the cooling comfort and living efficiency at home and business. Hence the demand of AC installers and maintenance technicians is far more than the skilled force available. Our skilled faculties and facilities provide the widest possible range of training and know-how of air-conditioning system. We groom our students with the latest technology training they need to have to become an expert.



A refrigeration technician works on commercial, residential, public and industrial projects including transportation and storage. This branch of engineering is at high 

demand providing support to wide range of products and services. It is also essential for the refrigeration technician to meet high and growing standards of service to provide and comply with the growing requirements of the clients and maintaining the business. Refrigeration technician is closely associated with other parts of the construction and transportation industries at all stages and equally led by rapid changes in these sectors for environmental trends and requirements.



Washing machines have transformed many household towards better efficiency and comfortable living in this ever-growing busy lifestyle of today. The exceeding demand of home appliances has changed the work and living landscape of consumers. Introduction of latest technologies and features in different brands and models give wider choice for the consumers to suit the requirements.

This career that requires troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair skills involves activities such as disassembling appliances, fixing damaged areas and replacing broken-down parts among other tasks. If you are interested in taking up this career, you need to familiarize yourself with the different types of washing machines and their inner workings. Whether with  an appliance repair company or being the boss of your own freelance repair business, it provides stable income opportunity and fulfilling career. This requires formal skill training taking up an apprentice position which provides a good opportunity for learning and developing the necessary skills and acquiring experience before going for your own.

These are very decent career and income options in the home appliances industry. CHANGE YOUR LIVES.